Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to choose or buy the best mattress? Here you will find the answer.

In latex mattresses 100%, you will find very different qualities of composition, and finish case. The latex mattress stores tell us that the mattresses we sell are 100% latex to get more sales, but few are so certified a rate of 100% natural latex.

100% Latex can be manufactured in different ways:
On the one hand, we would have the natural development (natural latex mattresses), which are used exclusively natural materials (rubber tree resin) and on the other hand, would have the artificial production which uses synthetic ingredients (oil ... etc. )

1) Characteristics of latex mattresses:
- There are some models that have seven separate seating areas, some only five, even there are some models that are only differentiated lower back.
- An ecological and anti-allergic material. It is shaky, and just sweat.
- The composition of the latex mattress is usually 80% rubber and 20% synthetic. Possibly 100% of oil, not latex.
- It is not advisable to put on any mattress. Need a multileaf wooden bed frame, which offers toughness. And being a natural material, requires regular maintenance. We must turn them over every 25 days.
- The market manufacturers recommend latex intermediate densities, since they are superior, ie more than 80 kilos/m3 tend to stiff over a few years.

2) Advantages and recommendations of the mattresses of latex

- Hygienic, breathable
- High elasticity while retaining the comfort
- Deform (in the draining the mattress is compressed 33 times its size without distortion.
- The ozone and oxygen attack him. Do not expose to air and sun.
- Sensitive to tearing, precacauciones to manipulate it, do it whenever possible with protective cover
- If it gets wet latex should be provided with hot air drying

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