Thursday, July 8, 2010

What is the best mattress?

The reiteration of the advertising claims of manufacturers of mattresses and some emphasis on popular mythology advocate for the benefits of a mattress. However, medical science is not who supports the belief popular. the contrary, doctors and specialists in trauma do not put the emphasis on the mattress but in the mattress. If possible, advise, should be chosen with an intermediate hardness to optimize the mechanics of sleep and reduce pain.

The results of the first study on the effects of the hardness of the mattress in relation to back pain, a specialist in the field, shows that intermediate firmness of the mattress relieves pain 2.4 sometimes lying in bed when standing 1.9 and 2.10 as compared to analgesic for pain with physical disability.

However, 76% of the trauma persists in the myth of the mattress. And with them, the advertising claims of manufacturers of mattresses.

Science contrast to popular belief
Neurosurgeons, therapists, chiropractors and other specialists studied 313 cases of chronic low back pain, dividing patients into two groups: those using hard mattresses and who slept on medium firmness, both for a period of three months.

The most conclusive came from the substantial improvements that operated on patients as early as the time to change the mattress. In most relevant cases, 3 or 4 in 10 patients no longer need medication to relieve their pain.

In America the myth works differently: 95% of professionals believe that hard mattresses improve conditions for patients with back pain. The lack of rigor in advertising contributes greatly, is observed in the formation and entrenchment of the myth.

For its part, the investigations reveal the key factor in the improvements: a mattress in between. In fact, changing mattress was much greater influence than traditional treatments against back pain.

A problem with history

The birth of advertising mattress was immersed in a technology capable of providing a model of wool mattress horizontal springs on the mattress supports of the time.

Therefore, to prevent sickling harmful to the back muscles, doctors began recommending that hard beds decreased the percentage of elasticity. From there comes the belief that hard mattresses create a better rest for the back.

The lack of scientific rigor mattress advertising hurt the general mentality against progress in the design of beds and mattresses shaping of the modern.

No requirements regarding the severity of the advertising claims and claims of the manufacturers of mattresses, the population continued in the belief of the early twentieth century. It is hoped that the advance of science is gradually released to benefit the millions of people affected by chronic back pain and were given a better break. In conclusion, the best choice is a mattress and a mattress of medium hardness.

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